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                  What we offer...

​                Our preschool program offers the children a variety of learning opportunities.  From recognizing letters to playing instruments the children

                     the children are active learners throughout the morning.  These active learners are engrossed in a painting project, playing with their friends at

                     center time or watching a science experiment.  More importantly, the preschoolers are learning about God through our Bible time and learning

                     about the fruits of the spirit. Yes, our preschool program offers so many learning opportunities to young learners.

​                                                         What we did this fall...

                             During the fall the preschoolers enjoyed several exiting learning moments. They learned about creation and took a "ride" in Noah's Ark. The children had fun with

                             several outside activities... chasing their friends, writing on the sidewalk with chalk, hauling sticks and leaves in toy trucks, and taking a nature walk.

                             Thus far, the preschoolers have learned about the letters Aa - Ii through letter recognition games and making things out of the letter of the week. (We made a horse

                             out of the letter H.)

                               Music time has been a wonderful learning experience for the boys and girls.  From learning about rhythm to playing different instruments, the children have

                                enjoyed this time.

                                Plus, the children worked on colors and shapes.

                                    Discovery Time has been a hit for the children... science experiments, learning about Korea's Harvest Moon Festival, exploring colors, graphing out favorite insects,

                                     and learning about Pilgrims and Native Americans. 

                                        Our preschoolers have certainly experienced an abundance of learning moments.


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 West Point United Methodist Church Preschool Academy Update:

The WPUMC Preschool Academy is busy cleaning, sanitizing toys and learning materials in preparation for reopening in September.  We have been diligently following the Virginia State Guidelines for Phase III with emphasis on being able to “social distance” our students and provide a safe and fun learning environment.  

We are now accepting applications for new students.  If you are interested in enrolling your child for the fall session, please follow the link below to download a registration form.  If you would like to visit the classrooms, please call 804 843-3486 on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between 9:00 am and 2:30 pm or contact Shelly Heuser or Joan Thompson at  We look forward to speaking with you.