Announcing a New Teacher Starting in the Fall of 2023

In addition to our new Director, the West Point United Methodist Church Preschool Academy is pleased to announce the appointment of Carolyn Wade as a Teacher. Mrs. Wade holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Therapy/Education from Nazareth College in Rochester, NY. She has completed Masters courses in Education from Mansfield University in Pennsylvania. An educator for over 20 years, Carolyn’s teaching career has focused on special needs children Kindergarten through 5th grade. She currently substitutes at Cool Springs Elementary.  Mrs. Wade feels all children learn in their own unique way. “We must meet children where they are.” Bringing her gift of music to the program, Mrs. Wade encourages creativity and critical thinking skills.  Carolyn felt West Point UMC Preschool Academy was “calling her” to be a part of its family.


West Point United Methodist Church

Preschool Program​

Announcing a New Director/Teacher Starting in the Fall of 2023

The West Point United Methodist Church Preschool Academy is pleased to announce the appointment of our new Director, Kate Upshaw. Mrs. Upshaw holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Family and Child Development from Virginia Tech, along with a Master of Education Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Virginia Tech. Kate received a Certification in Reading from the University of Virginia. She currently is the Title 1 Coordinator and a reading specialist at West Point Elementary. Mrs. Upshaw brings a wealth of knowledge with a background experience in teaching children from Preschool through 3rd grade. Her preschool teaching philosophy is centered around play-based activities that focus on reading and number development, and she stresses the importance of Christian and social values. In Kate’s words, she is “super excited” about being a part of the West Point UMC Preschool Academy family.

The educational philosophy of West Point UMC Preschool Academy is that children learn best through play

and hands-on experiences. This is best accomplished through the use of games, manipulatives, and learning

centers rather than with drill and paper/pencil tasks. Learning activities are offered in fine and gross motor skills, art, math, science, and language development. The classrooms are set up to provide opportunities for free choice, large and small group activities, and individual needs.



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 West Point United Methodist Church Preschool Academy News:

Our preschoolers have been enjoying all sorts of fun learning experiences: playing in the sensory table, taking care of the baby dolls, making bridges for the cars to go over, learning about the Miracles of Jesus, making the Grinch, being superheroes, making some interesting things out of letters, learning about patterns, counting, walking on stepping stones, talking about Mexico, being peaceful, and playing "Pass the Pickle." They are enjoying parents/guardians coming in to read to them and play games with them. The preschoolers were delighted to have parents and grandparents come in and play a musical instrument. In the spring, our theme will be "Enjoying God's Beautiful World." We will visit community helpers, learn about flowers, look for bugs, enjoy the trees on our nature walk, talk about day and night, and enjoy our friends. We are registering preschoolers for the upcoming school year. For more information please call the church at 804-843-3486 Tuesday-Thursday between 8:00 AM - 2:30 PM. Feel free to email Kate Upshaw, Preschool Director, for additional information or to schedule a tour of our awesome preschool. Her email address is